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Thank you Benjamin Ranch & Mobile Slaughter for donating the beef for the 2021 Middletown Days Queen Contest 

2018 Middletown Day's Royal Court

First princess runner up, Alayah Lamar, princess, Kailey Snell, Queen Jordan Sullivan

2018 Princess Kailey Snell


 2015 - Middletown Days Royalty

Royalty Court contestant Jada Totten, Faith Anderson, Princess Lily Emerson, Queen Jenny Kuykendall, Royalty Court contestant Lalia Brown

 THANK YOU Jon Emerson

for supplying quality cattle for the 

2017 Middletown Days Beef Raffle! 

 2013 Middletown Days Royal Court 

back row - Royal Court Bailey DeBerry, Taylor Griffin, Jenny Kuykendall, Joanna Parker

front row - Princess Cassie Dredge & Queen Mary Willis 




 Back Row - Alisha Mackey, Naomi Pierucci, Jenny Kuykendall, Queen Cheyenne Emerson,

Hettie Egger, Bailey DeBerry, Taylor Griffin

Front Row - Cassie Dredge, Princess Lucy Moore, Lily Emerson & Ashton Taylor

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Middletown Days Royalty

1961--Beverly Noble
1963--Bertha Brookins
1964--Diane Dunkin
1965--Lucille Jardine
1966--Carol Pedro
1968--Sharon Young, King Bobby Mitchell. First mention of princesses: Sandi Shope and Jane Shope

1969--Linda Weatherwax, Princess: Pam Nellermoe

1970--Darlene Parriott, Sharon Guess and Sheri Kokx

1972--Susie Weatherwax, Patty Howard and Chris Dutra

1973--Mary Trujillo, Susan Kniep, Debbie Jacobus, Mary Weatherwax, Shari Cochran
1974--Kathy Hardesty, Debbie Matthews, Teresa Parriott
1975--Queen:  Karen Parriott.  Contestants were; Pam Murphy, Karen Parriott, Jeanine Tadlock and Kim Wood
1976--Chonne Moore
1978--Denise Martinez, Zandy Burton and Cindy Raymer
1979--No information on who won. Contestants were Michelle Black, Donna Stimpson, Zandy Burton, 
1980--Leslie Curant, Sandy Jackson Michael (sp?), Lynn Smith
1981--Lisa Comstock


Thank you Cache Creek Cattle Company for your generous donation of beef for the 2019 Raffle!

2020 Queen's Raffle

Thank you to the 

Montelli Family 

for the generous donation of Beef for the raffle.

Thank you to Middletown's famous Cowpoke cafe for your generous donation of the Middletown Days beef 2018!

2018 Queen Jordan Sullivan

2016 Queen Bailey DeBerry & Princess Jordan Sullivan 

2013-Queen Mary Willis & Princess Cassie Dredge 

2103 - Royalty Taylor Griffin & Jenny Kuykendall

 Thank you Lonnie Thompson & Son Welding for your Ranch Fed Beef 2013!!!

Thank you Mt. St. Helena Brewery for ticket sale coupons!

Thank you to our judges, for their time and expertise.  

Thank you to everyone that helped with our Clinics!

Thank you Nona Perez for all of the wonderful pictures!

Thank you to our  Court, on your hard work.  

Ticket sales were awesome!

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2009 Queen Missy Denno

1982--Stacey Collins, Alicia van Patten, Vicki Franklin

1984--Julie Emerson, Sherry McCarty
1985--Queen: Candi Hill. Runners up:  Karen St. Clair, Renee Badtte
1986--Candi Hill, Sonya Shope
1987--Queen: Cheryl Evans, Princess: Angie Hill
1988--Queen: Sarah Lewkowitz
1989--Queen: Darcy Pinter and Princess: Annie Sanders.  
1990--Queen: Sadie Jackson, Princesses: Karen Roberts, Shelly Gallagher. 
1991--Queen: Stacey Jackson, Princesses: Stephanie Herringshaw, Carolyn Roberts, Karen Roberts
1992--Queen: Carolyn Roberts, Princesses: Leanne Blaser and Monique Hawkins, 
1993--Queen: Sarah Haas, Princess: Christine Djernes. 
1994--Queen: Tara Voliva, Princess: Jessica Stottsberry, . 
1995--Queen: Tracy Pinter, Princess: Laura Scott, 
1996--Queen: Jennifer O`Neill, Princess: Meghan Tighe. 
1997--Queen: Courtney Denno, Princess: Diamantina Perez. 
1998--Queen: Chelsie Sternberg, Princess: Brianne Weatherwax,  
1999--Queen: Sylvian Gonzalez. Princess: Maya Gonzales 

2017 Middletown Days Court

Princess Court, Kailey Snell, Tessa Sullivan, Princess Lily Sampson

Queen’s Court Jordan Sullivan, Queen Emily Mayo

Please contact the Central Park Committee with information that can be added!

~ 2014 Royal Court ~

Queen Alisha Mackey

Princess Bailey DeBerry, Royal Court Lily Emerson

Alisha Mackey & Dusty 2012

Bailey DeBerry 2012

Cassie Dredge on Sassy 2012

Thank you Rick Collins Cattle Company for donating the Beef for the 2016 raffle. 

2011 ~  Middletown Days Court

Queen ~ Kelly Munk, Runner-up Hettie Egger

Princess ~ Gracie Pachie, Runners-up; Naomi Parducchi,
Bailey DeBerry & Alisha Mackey

2009 Princess Rosie Emerson

2000--Queen: Megan Stifel, Princess: Justine Stottsberry.  2001--Queen: Krissy Hilton, Princess: Chelsea Belden. 

2002--Queen: Diamantina Perez, Princess: Shelby Egger  
2003--Queen: Maya Gonzalez, Princess: Stephanie Rentfro. 
2004--Queen: Nicole Leonard, Princess: Kallie Jones. 
2005--Queen: Stephanie Rentfro, Princess: Samantha McCarley
2006--Queen: Ellen Willis, Princess: Kelly Munk
2007--Queen: Katie Dwyer, Princess: Rebecca Pachie
2008--Queen: Shelby Egger, Princess: Cheyenne Emerson
2009--Queen: Missy Denno, Princess: Rosie Emerson

2010--Queen: Rebecca Pachie, Princess: Mary Willis

 2011--Queen: Kelly Munk, Princess: Gracie Pachie

2012--Queen: Cheyenne Emerson: Lucy Moore

2013--Queen:  Mary Willis, Princess: Cassie Dredge

2014--Queen:  Alisha Mackey, 

Princess: Bailey DeBerry

2015 --Queen:  Jenny Kykendall, 

Princess: Lily Emerson

2016--Queen:  Bailey DeBerry

Princess:  Jordan Sullivan

2017 --Queen Emily Mayo, Princess: Lily Sampson

2018 - Queen Jordan Sullivan, princess Kailey Snell

2019 - 

2020 - COVID

2021 - Emily Pickens & Rylie Slaight