This year our Middletown Days Grand Marshal is comprised of Middletown High School graduates.  Specifically, those who graduated in 1968 and prior who still live in Middletown, Cobb and Hidden Valley.

Middletown Unified New building - 1963 (now the High School)
1963 Middletown High School students 

Class of 1958 - 5 Kids in the graduating class.

Darlene Weatherwax Simmons, lives in Middletown

FONDEST MEMORY:  She moved up from Los Angeles and started as a Sophomore.  There was a Sadie Hawkins Day race.  The guys were given a head start and she got to wear Levi’s she borrowed from her brother.  She ended up having to chase the boys through a creek to catch one.  She doesn’t remember who she eventually caught and went to the dance with, but she does remember that her brother was mad because she shrunk his jeans.

FAVORITE TEACHER:  Marilyn Tallman who taught Home Ec and Girls P.E.  She didn’t know how to type so she had Darlene sit up front and instruct.

BEST THING ABOUT GROWING UP IN MIDDLETOWN:  The friendliness and the homey feeling.