Middletown Day's Grand Marshal Recipients

1985 - Grand Marshal:  Mike Thompson

1987--Grand Marshal: Assemblywoman Bev Hanson.

1988--No Grand Marshal on file
1989--Grand Marshal: Roy Clinton Vines
1990--Grand Marshals: Rudy and Barbara Yudnich
1991--No Grand Marshal on file
 1992--Grand Marshal: Jack Barker
1993--Grand Marshal: Jim Garrett                                      Theme:  "Best in the West"
1994--Grand Marshal: Luke Simon
1995--Grand Marshals: Burt and Dorothea Swallow      Theme: "The Cowboy Way"
1996--G. Marshals: Judith and Walter Hardester      Theme: Small town traditions
1997--Grand Marshal: Earl Huston                               Theme: Hometown Hoedown
1998--Grand Marshal: Bob Donley              Theme: 100 Years of Western Tradition 

1999--Grand Marshal: Earle Wrieden                Theme: Riding through the decades
2000--Grand Marshals: Wayne and Kim Jackson                  Theme: Starting Anew
2001--Grand Marshals Orville and Karen Magoon             Theme: Boots and Spurs  
2002--Grand Marshals: John and Jean Gay            Theme: She`s A Grand Ol` Flag
2003--GM: Mdtn Lions and Lioness Clubs        Theme: Celebrating the All American Small Town   
2004--GM: Middletown Rancheria            Theme: Western Ways for Western Days  

2005--Grand Marshals Molly and Dennis Euken         Theme: The Wild Wild West
2006--Grand Marshals: Mike and Karen Jones     Theme: 45 Years of Pure Country
2007--Grand Marshal Dave Leary                                    Theme: Back in the Ole West 

2008--GM Jim and Hettie Hendrickson         Theme: Beneath These Western Skies 

2009--Grand Marshal: Wayne Nelson                                        Theme: Bits and Spurs
2010--Grand Marshal: Jim Comstock                            Theme: Spirit of the Old West
2011--Grand Marshal: Dave Hall                                       Theme: 50 Years of Fun
2012--Grand Marshal:  Martha Webster                                                      Theme: Family Fun for Everyone

2013 -- Grand Marshals: Gail & Bill Wright                                                Theme: Long Live Western Heritage
2014--Grand Marshal:  George Sweat                                                   Theme: Long Live Western Heritage

2015--Grand Marshal's:  Jim & Carol Bolander                                               Theme:  Long Live Western Heritage

2016 - Grand Marshal - Calpine at The Geysers                                                        Theme:  Long Live Western Heritage

2017 - Grand Marshal - The Parker family                                                                   Theme: Shades of the Old West

2018 - Grand Marshal - MHS Graduates prior to 1968

2019 - Grand Marshal Richie & Sara Egger

2020 - No Middletown Days - Covid

2021 - Grand Marshal Hope City                                                                  Theme:  "Breaking Out"         (of Covid 19)

2022 - Grand Marshal - Nona Perez

2023 - Grand Marshal The Crofoot family

2024 - Grand Marshal  - Chanele Hellwege                                                                Heroes Among Us